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imagery by KC Lancaster

:   Since 1991 my work has been published on t-shirts, in newsletters, magazines, collectible card games (CCGs), books and manuals. Some of the projects include, but are not limited to: Legend of the Five Rings RPG and CCG & Legend of Burning Sands CCG (both for which I was Art Director for a while), Doomtown & Deadlands CCG, 7th Sea CCG, On the Edge CCG, Gridiron CCG, Greysea Books, Conjure Magazine, Rolemaster RPG, Dungeons and Dragons RPG, Thieves Island Riddle Book, Heroic Adventure Supplements, and many more. The businesses I've done work for include but are not limited to: Wizards of the Coast, Alderac Entertainment Group, Iron Crown International, TSR, Inc., R. Talsorian, Inc., Precedence Publishing, Pinnacle Publishing, Shadis Magazine, Nova Books, Society for Creative Anachronism, International Fantasy Gaming Society, GAMA, Inc., DreamPark, Inc., ABC Art Shows, Train Garners Association, Inc., Take Back the Night, Inc. (Boulder, CO), and many others.

Abbreviated Publication History:

 1996     Avalon Hill Games     Art Director: Kurt Miller
Renaissance; a board game which also incorporates cards; six full color paintings for separate card artwork. They liked the work so much that based solely on the sketches, they contracted work from me for two other upcoming games.
1996     Goldrush Games, Inc.     Art Director: Mark Arsenault
Dark Champions gaming supplement; six pen and ink illustrations for an additional publication in the Champions system.
1996     Task Force Games     Art Director: John Olsen
Star Fleet Battles wargame; contracted for color game cover painting for an unnamed supplement for that genre series (never published).
1996     Alderac Entertainment Group     Art Director: Matt Wilson
Legend of Five Rings card game; additional color pieces in traditional Japanese ukiyo-e style with mythological aspects for the expansion set - Forbidden Knowledge.  Also contracted for extensive map painting of area known as Rokugan.
1996     Cloud Kingdom Games, Inc.     Art Director: Matt Mayfield
Contracted to produce wrap-around cover painting and several pen and ink illustrations for Riddle Rooms III, Thieves Island.
1996     Chessex Manufacturing, Inc.     Art Director: Mark Farr-Nash
Contracted to produce dark, moody pen and ink illustrations for potential future game product.
1995-1996     Convention Program Covers     Art Director: Chris Marquardt
Program Covers for both Genghis Con and TactiCon. Pre-registration distribution; a detailed illustration of Genghis Khan in fantasy setting, used traditional Chinese style. Final color cover for program distribution at the convention; an even more detailed color version of the previous design. For TactiCon, a pen and ink high resolution Science Fiction cover.
1995-1996     Iron Crown Enterprises, Inc.     Art Directors: Jessica Ney-Grimm, Jason Hawkins
Rolemaster Curse of Kabis gaming expansion; three b/w highly detailed illustrations. Rolemaster  Player Guide; 19 b/w illustrations. Rolemaster Arcane Companion; 14 b/w illustrations. Rolemaster Treasure Companion; 24 b/w illustrations. MiddleEarth gaming supplement for Southern Gondor; five b/w highly detailed illustrations. Work had to depict human figures, believable props, and fantasy situations.
1995     Alderac Entertainment Group      Art Director: Matt Wilson
Legend of Five Rings card game; color pieces in traditional Japanese ukiyo-e style for the original set of cards, three more, highly detailed color pieces in the same style for the subsequent Shadowlands expansion set of cards. Work, in traditional Japanese style, had to be both historically accurate, yet contain many mythological aspects as well.
1995     Mayfair Games       Art Director: Chris Vande Voor
Silverton Train Game; ten b/w highly detailed illustrations. Work had to depict human figures as well as ultra-realistic and historically accurate team engines in pen and ink.
1995      Black Dragon Press      Art Directors; Colin Murcray, Joel Poppleton
Tempest of the Gods card game; six color pieces for original run of game. Each piece depicted realistic human figures in abstract or mostly realistic fantasy settings.
1995     Chessex Manufacturing, Inc./Nova Games, Inc.      Art Directors: Mark Farr-Nash, Al Leonardi
Lost Worlds Books; two books called Lilli the Thief (thanks Mary!) and Snivel the Satyr (thanks Jonas!). Created color covers, as well as over 27 b/w pen and ink illustrations of character in different martial poses for each book. Work had to be highly detailed, and all pieces had to look like the exact fantasy creature the book was dedicated to.
1995    Conjure Magazine      Art Director: James Grasso
"Nightshade, Ltd." graphic series (non-comic strip serial).  Three months in a row, sent a four page series, another four page series, and an ending five page series to be published in Conjure Magazine. Due to financial constraints, the magazine could only print the first part of three, but the fan response was overwhelming.
1995     Task Force Games     Art Director: John Olsen
Harlequin; two b/w highly detailed illustrations based on their line of metal fantasy miniatures. Depicted humanoid figures on blank backgrounds, but clothing and attitudes had to match the pre-made figures exactly.
1995     Train Gamer's Association     Art Director: Heather Barnhorst
Program for RailCon '95; b/w cover. Plus various b/w for publication in their international newsletter. Also made designs for cloisonné' pins to be distributed to winner of contests.  Work, regarding train engines, had to be highly detailed and extremely accurate.
1995     Conjure Magazine     Art Director: James Grasso
2 simple, geometric backgrounds for an Arabic-style story carried by the magazine. Created two more, for the same article, but with two of the characters for later in the story.
1995     Precedence Publishing, Inc.     Art Director: Paul Brown III
Gridiron card game; eight color pieces for original set of fantasy football cards. Work had to depict very realistic football players similar to modern day, but with different uniforms and situations.  (This is not one of my best works, please don’t seek this one out.  It was a failed LeRoy Nieman experiment.)
1994 -1995     Atlas Games Inc. /Trident Games, Inc.     Art Directors: John Nephew, C. Brent Ferguson
On The Edge Card Game; 15 color pieces for the original set of cards; nine more color pieces for their subsequent Shadows expansion set; and 9 more color pieces for the following Arcana expansion set. Work was required to have modem, realistic figures in a shadowy setting implying intrigue.
1993-1994     White Wolf Games, Inc.     Art Director: Sam Chupp
Ars Magica Role Playing Game; for the Black Death gaming supplement did total lay out for book and helped editor with text and b/w art content.
1992     White Wolf Games     Writer: Jeff Berry      VOLUNTEER
Vampire the Masquerade; original playtest game notations for Denver game supplement, and suggestions on art direction for final publication.
1991-1992     Society for Creative Anachronism     Art Director: self
New SCA Fighters Handboke; editor in chief, VOLUNTEER.
Society for Creative Anachronism     Art Director: self
Marshall’s Handbook; editor in chief, VOLUNTEER. 1991-92

Fighters Handbook for Society for Creative Anachronism - VOLUNTEER
Working as editor, art director and general manager, re-created the handbook for martial participants in Society. Handbook enjoyed international distribution after taking over two years from conception to mailing, with the added facet of having to be approved at every step by a committee of 10-15 people.

1989-1993     Society for Creative Anachronism      Art Director: self
Flower of Souvenance; quarterly periodical for Society; created, wrote for, illustrated, edited and published each of 15 issues until termination at full run.