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I started life as an Army brat, and lived on various posts throughout the southern states.  When my father left the army to become an archeologist specializing in western Native American studies my family moved to Ft. Collins, Colorado.  Memories of skeletons laid out on the family pool table are a vivid part of my unusual childhood, as well as participating in an archeological dig in New Mexico.  My original dream was to pursue a career as a marine biologist. However, lack of mathematical ability led me to run with my artistic interests and abilities, resulting in a career as a professional artist and graphic designer. 

 I created murals, signs, costumes and other mediums before focusing on illustration.  Since then I have worked for many role-playing games and collectible card games, the souvenir industry, and completed fine art projects for publication.  Currently, I work as a graphic designer in desktop publishing, volunteer on the Broomfield Public Art Committee and the Broomfield Council on the Arts & Humanities.  I continue to create new artwork for fun and publication.  Recent publication includes cards for the Evolutionary Tarot and winning the Volunteer Poster Contest for the City of Lafayette.

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