imagery by KC Lancaster

Retired Smuggler-7th Sea    $250

Drawing Fire-L5R    $50

Toturi’s Standard-L5R    $65

Counting the Lost-L5R    $50

Rokugan RPG Map-L5R    $1100

Slaughter at the Imperial Court-L5R    $65  

Follow Me

Hole in the Sky-LBS    $200

Shinsei Standard-L5R    $65

Mantis Standard-L5R    $50

Item Description     Retail Price    

Black Steel Sword-LBS    $150            

​Rogue Assassins-LBS    $65            

Naga Standard-L5R      $150

Forgiveness-L5R            $50

Senpet Scribe-LBS    $375

Creeping Darkness-L5R      $625

IFGS Cover          $800

Edorion-Wheel of Time    $250

Bribes-7th Sea      $375 

Manala Shessim-LBS      $375

On The Edge Portfolios: $2.00 each
The Paranoid’s Paradise is back! 

Each set has 12-4.25" x 5.5" prints, packaged in a carded sleeve, numbered and signed.

 I would love to pass on these numbered print sets to fans of that awesome game.

Prints for Sale:

Spiral Cohort Poster: $1.00 each
11" x 17" posters, full color and laminated.  I did these for a cool comic book idea that never got off the ground.  Now you can have one for $1.00! 

You can even use one as a placemat:)